Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ok, So it's been awhile Aug. my last post. I had to keep my promise to a friend and business associate. That was to finish his house, and get it on the market. Along with remodeling two apartments. Not to mention a few other jobs along the way.

  Through the mud, blood , cold, heat,and sounds like the 60's Marine Corps all over again. At least no one shot at me this time! 
No big thing, it's called work and I'm glad for the health to take action. I provided work for the less fortunate, kept my family feed, housed,and did volunteer work in my spare time.

  No bragging just doing what I said I would do.

  The Head Line Is  How to create an AAA rating?   Appreciation - Attitude - Action  The AAA to Success.

  I'm not selling anything Just offering opportunity to anyone that wishes to change their life.
Education, age, where you live,is not the key.but food, housing, and a computer is a good start.

   You can see me on ,linkedin, google,  web pages  If that strikes your fancy,or you want to know more 
  e-mail me on one of my sites.


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