Sunday, December 16, 2012

The pledge for America

 In 2003 I was working with a youth group, mostly teenagers concerned with the increasing violence in America. The students put together a musical and dance play called Victory Over Violence. With the support of parents and other community minded folks the theater and other
needed work was volunteered. The play was a success and every one who volunteered or attended
the play took the theme to heart.

Social status, religious affiliation, sex, race, nor any other challenge was denied the opportunity to  
participate in some form to make the play a success. All received a sense of accomplishment and pride for their efforts.

 Most every one signed a pledge.
My Pledge Of Victory Over Violence.

I James Weldon will value my own life. Recognizing that a lack of self-identity and hope for the future lay at the roots of all violence. I will reach beyond my limitations, taking concrete steps
each day to uncover my real potential. I will never give up on my dreams, even if they seem
impossible. I will respect all life. Recognizing that violence comes in many forms, I will not
isolate myself but will create an environment where others feel comfortable and can be themselves. I will see beyond superficial differences and reflect on my own behavior. I will
inspire hope in others. With courage I will resolutely stand up against violence, be it verbal, physical or passive and teach others through my own example. I will support others and encourage them to follow their dreams.

Signed 8/23/2003

  The pledge was thought about and composed by many persons who only wanted any one to be able to apply it to their life daily. Knowing it takes a village to raise a child. The pledge should be 
taught to all ages and groups, no matter which culture, religion, race or life style they follow.
Is the pledge easy to follow daily? No it takes effort and commitment, that's why it works.
Nothing of any value is easy to keep or share, unless it becomes ingrained in your mind and
acted on.

  Will every one embrace this pledge? No but it's not your responsibility to force, only to offer
and encourage with your example. Is there a time limit for this to have an effect in America
and abroad? I'm not sure but it sure would help to spread the pledge.
  Some will recognize the pledge, I take no credit on it's design nor verb-age. but appreciate those persons before me on their wisdom and desire to help mankind.

Pass it on! Benefit to you and yours. James Weldon

Friday, November 23, 2012

A  theory I learned long time ago. I'll shorten it up for you. How do you get 160 proof alcohol fuel from a few bushels of corn direct from the field ? You distill it.

Who cares? Farmers- gas stations - and a bunch of other business. The pro. side.
Who doesn't like it? Oil co. - Gov. - chemical co. ( plastic ) car co. The con, side
Who won? The con. side.

A few facts.  1 On farm distilling of corn raises the protein content, and the mash left feeds farm animals plus if you dry it on farm it can be bagged and sent anywhere. Only hungry animals and people care! Of course this is only on farm distilling up to 160 proof, 200 proof is needed for today's ethanol. Big distillers do that process.
  I know all the negative arguments about this subject, and some are true. I have done the process and seen the results on farm. I also used the fuel in equipment and vehicles. That was the 70's 
  What about now?

The distill theory.
Good book authors use it to compose their thoughts when writing a book.The heck you say?
It's like throwing a bunch of ideas you want in your book- ( Corn in a bushel, mash it around ) 
 distill it( the process of what-where-who - when - and the history of each.) After you get your proof, not necessarily truth or easy. You then take the remains,( corn mash) Verbs, description, 
imagination and feed the reader! 

Whats the result? You hope the book sells!!!

Just a few thoughts on how to think out side the box from Slinky the Caterpillar. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ok, So it's been awhile Aug. my last post. I had to keep my promise to a friend and business associate. That was to finish his house, and get it on the market. Along with remodeling two apartments. Not to mention a few other jobs along the way.

  Through the mud, blood , cold, heat,and sounds like the 60's Marine Corps all over again. At least no one shot at me this time! 
No big thing, it's called work and I'm glad for the health to take action. I provided work for the less fortunate, kept my family feed, housed,and did volunteer work in my spare time.

  No bragging just doing what I said I would do.

  The Head Line Is  How to create an AAA rating?   Appreciation - Attitude - Action  The AAA to Success.

  I'm not selling anything Just offering opportunity to anyone that wishes to change their life.
Education, age, where you live,is not the key.but food, housing, and a computer is a good start.

   You can see me on ,linkedin, google,  web pages  If that strikes your fancy,or you want to know more 
  e-mail me on one of my sites.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Well i'ts been a few months, sense my last post. Some one said "you have to walk the talk,or don't talk!" I do ADA remodeling,but not all mechanical normally. So I took a two story home that was blighted and remodeled it, first floor ADA compliant inside and outside. The whole house, new plumbing-electrical-all fixtures- windows-appliances-insulation-walls you name it. The challenge was only me and a helper to accomplish all the labor.Well 07/04/2012 we got our Certificate of Occupancy. Done! Advice from inspectors and the owner was important part of the project.

Romig Project

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Day 9:AM

Well the cats won't get out of bed Trixy (the black and white one,Lucky the other female.Betty my wife moves away,not her best in the morning, that's her option.
Amy our daughter worked all night.She isn't camera ready.Our grand kids all in bed still.It's not a school day so leave us alone.
That leaves only me and Sooty the dog ready to do some thing.Ok sooty wants to go for a walk in the woods.I know I read her lips.So off we go in the 1960 Ford tr.,runs good but not much to look at,kind of like the driver,sooty,not me.Anyway,just Mother Nature shining on us the first day of the new yr.A good start,don't you think?
Later watching Pro football,lots of good teams playing.The Bears,not in contention but my favorite.
Hope you all had a great day!

Monday, December 26, 2011

why is Slinkies Wisdom so simple?

Mostly because we learned the rudiment laws of wisdom at about the age of five.
So what laws did we learn?
The need of : 1 shelter 2 food 3 companionship and how to attract those needs to our life.

That did require loving parents,and a basic social life with some education.The known statement "It takes a village to raise a child."

So what happened? Well,most cultures,countries,lands and people got side tracked, duped,or just enslaved. Mentally and some times physically.By whom? Any one more interested in greed,anger,and stupidity,sound simple,well it is.The village forgot what makes a village live in harmony,with integrity!
How to raise a child? It's very much like following nature,and how it grows,and survives. Especially mammals taking under consideration their environment and history of survival.

Well slinky the Caterpillars ultimate goal the butterfly is a good learning example for children and adults.