Friday, November 23, 2012

A  theory I learned long time ago. I'll shorten it up for you. How do you get 160 proof alcohol fuel from a few bushels of corn direct from the field ? You distill it.

Who cares? Farmers- gas stations - and a bunch of other business. The pro. side.
Who doesn't like it? Oil co. - Gov. - chemical co. ( plastic ) car co. The con, side
Who won? The con. side.

A few facts.  1 On farm distilling of corn raises the protein content, and the mash left feeds farm animals plus if you dry it on farm it can be bagged and sent anywhere. Only hungry animals and people care! Of course this is only on farm distilling up to 160 proof, 200 proof is needed for today's ethanol. Big distillers do that process.
  I know all the negative arguments about this subject, and some are true. I have done the process and seen the results on farm. I also used the fuel in equipment and vehicles. That was the 70's 
  What about now?

The distill theory.
Good book authors use it to compose their thoughts when writing a book.The heck you say?
It's like throwing a bunch of ideas you want in your book- ( Corn in a bushel, mash it around ) 
 distill it( the process of what-where-who - when - and the history of each.) After you get your proof, not necessarily truth or easy. You then take the remains,( corn mash) Verbs, description, 
imagination and feed the reader! 

Whats the result? You hope the book sells!!!

Just a few thoughts on how to think out side the box from Slinky the Caterpillar. 

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